Price : 2.2lbs - $30  |  5lbs - $60  |  10lbs - $110

Flavors : Chocolate Fudge , Vanilla , Strawberry


•     PREDATOR SERIES is scientifically validated muscle fuel supplementation. Berserker warriors depend on beef because of its high muscle building nutrients, that’s why Berserker’s Predator series is the best.

•      HIGH BIOLOGICAL VALUE Protein supplement based on meat provide an excess quantity for all the essential amino acids and ensuring that the protein synthesis process is maximized.

•     BEEF UP ULTIMATE MASS IMPACT is an advanced hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate mass constructor which is capable of delivering high concentrations of amino acids for rapid absorption. This gainer is fortified with large amount of L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Creatine monohydrate and Branched Chain Amino Acids.

Berserker’s All New BEEF UP Up provides outstanding benefits of a high-quality formula, rich in vitamins , mineral and amino acids, to an exclusive and delicious taste. Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing much greater gains than what you are used to. You can count on it!.

Nutrition Information
15 grams of Beef Isolate protein per 50g serving
Best known protein source for bodybuilders
Extra added Glutamine, Arginine and Creatine
Increases Muscle Mass
Speeds Up Recovery
Higher creatine protein content than in beef
Just 720 calories per serving
Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals
Product Performance
  • Absorption 95%
  • Mass Gain 89%
  • Recovery 88%
  • Size 95%
  • Meal Replacement 98%