Price : 2lbs - $18

Flavors : Green Apple , Watermelon , Orange


•     BSRK HYDRATOR + is the ultimate intra-workout to meet all your fitness goals with a unique combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and L-Glutamine. BSRK Hydrator drives a sustained energy release for working out longer, harder and stronger. It delivers essential electrolytes to maintain muscle function and ensure prolonged performance, which may otherwise be lost through sweat. BSRK Hydrator also gives a blast of L-Glutamine which is a semi essential amino acid for preventing muscle catabolism and increasing energy.

Nutrition Information
Faster & Improved Recovery
Reduces Muscle Fatigue
Replenishes Vital Electrolytes
Product Performance
  • Absorption 95%
  • Energy 90%
  • Recovery 85%
  • Strength 95%
  • Endurance 90%