Price : 30 Capsules - $50


•     BSRK CRIMSON M-1-T will support you with extreme pumps and ultimate gains in muscle size and strength. The advanced structure of BSRK CRIMSON M-1-T gives it superior oral bioavailability by inhibiting breakdown in the liver and hence more of the compound is utilized.

•     Feedback on M-1-T indicates that it maybe the most effective muscle builder of all time and it is definitely the most effective oral product.

•     M-1-T supports extreme muscle growth, extreme pumps by being up to 1600% as anabolics and up to 220% as androgenics as methyl testosterone.

•     BSRK CRIMSON M-1-T is 100% safe and have ZERO SIDE EFFECTS.

Nutrition Information
Instant Absorption
Increases Lean Muscle Mass Synthesis
Increases Stamina for that 1 Rep Max
Rapid Recovery
Product Performance
  • Absorption 99%
  • Lean Mass 98%
  • Recovery 98%
  • Stamina 98%
  • Muscle Pump 97%