Price : 2LBS - $30

Flavors : Lemonade , Grape , Orange


Amplified Instant Energy.
Enhanced Endurance.
Amble Caffeine Mental Alertness.
Sustained Energy Spikes throughout the Workout.
Enhanced Focus for Better Mind-Muscle Connection.
Increase in Rep Count.
Increase in 1-Rep-Max Weight.
Banned Substance Free Ingredients.
L-Citrulline - a precursor to Nitric Oxide (N.O.) synthesis for Insane Muscle Pump.
Support to Intramuscular Buffering System for Intense Workout Routines.
Enhanced Bioavailability for Easy Absorption and Instant Results.

Nutrition Information
6g of Revolutionary KRIGER BLEND
30 Servings
2x More Pump
3x More Energy & Endurance
Product Performance
  • Absorption 98%
  • Energy 99%
  • Muscle Pump 98%
  • Strength 97%
  • Endurance 99%